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T-90 Hop Pellets - Harvesting, Processing and Wholesale Sales.  Contact us today if you are looking for Colorado Hop Pellets grown by family farms here in Colorado.  We ship anywhere in the US!  

We'd like to introduce you to this citrusy hop from the Western Slope of Colorado.  Misty Mountain Hop Farm in Olathe, CO with 50 acres of gorgeous landscape provides a loving home for their newest variety, Zoso.

Stats:  Alpha Acid: 9.7, Beta Acid: 4.2

Purpose:  Dual Purpose

Traits: Citrus

Harvest Year: 2016

We have over 600 pounds of T-90 Pellets waiting to hit brewery shelves.  

For delivery, call Scott at (970) 412-8833

(970) 412-8833