Wholesale Hops for Breweries

By purchasing locally grown, Colorado hops, you are not only supporting local agriculture, but you are getting a unique, fresh and high quality product that you would be proud to showcase in your next beer.  We offer wholesale pricing and bulk packaging under a nitrogen blanket for the freshest hops around.

Consistency of Product:

You can have peace of mind that no matter what local farm your hops come from, they have been handled correctly.  All of our hops go through the same process, so you can be sure of a quality and consistent product every time you order through us.

Single Point of Contact:

Looking for more than one type of local hop can be difficult and time consuming.

Who grows that locally?

How can I get in touch with them?

Do they have that variety in stock?

We partner with many farms and are always looking to expand our network.  Because of this, we can be your single point of contact for all of your hop needs.  Even if we don't have a particular variety, we will always attempt to point you in the right direction or source it for you.

High Quality:

We have invested in state of the art processing equipment to ensure the highest quality hop pellets.  We do not allow our hops to exceed 100F at any point in our processing, which includes the drying and pelletizing processes.  By keeping the temperature of the hops below 100F, we preserve volatile compounds that are normally destroyed in large scale hop processing.  This results in a better quality product and fresh, tasty beer!

Laboratory Testing:

Each hop variety is professionally laboratory tested by an independent third party lab.  This takes the guesswork out of working with hops of unknown origin as well as all laboratory findings.

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